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Vitamin C, Block E, promote the formation of free radicals, insulin sensitivity, researchers say

Exercise improves insulin sensitivity and prevent diabetes, but with additional antioxidants such as vitamins C and E effectively blunt this advantage, researchers report. 

Exercise helps increase the body's sensitivity to insulin in reactive oxygen species, or "free radicals" who are against antioxidants. These free radicals are damaging the cells and accelerate the aging process, but they are also used by the body to prevent cell damage after exercise, researchers say. 

"When you exercise you increase your sensitivity to insulin, and if you are at risk for diabetes, improving insulin sensitivity is good," said researcher Dr. Ronald S. Kahn, Mary K. Iacocca Professor of Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School. 

One of the reasons that exercise improves insulin sensitivity is a cause of oxidative stress on the muscles. Muscles are responsible for this deficiency by creating free radicals, "said Kahn. 

"If you take antioxidants like vitamins C and E, you are blocking oxidative stress reactions, but we must also block the beneficial effects of exercise on insulin sensitivity," he said. 

This report is published in the online edition this week, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 

To investigate, the team examined the benefits of exercise Kahn on insulin resistance increases by 39 young people, about half of them take extra vitamins C and E. 

Kang team found that men taking vitamin supplements did not change in their insulin resistance, but men do not take vitamins were increased free radicals, which increases insulin resistance. One month after withdrawal of vitamin sensitivity to insulin was restored, the researchers noted. 

"If you're exercising, in particular, to reduce the risk of developing diabetes, you should not take vitamin C and E, because you will block some of the beneficial effect of physical exercise to prevent diabetes," said Kahn.
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Everyone needs INSURANCE

Whatever your profession if you work independently for a large company, or stay home, you need insurance. However, it seems, to find affordable insurance that works for you and your family, and should be accessible, like a huge task, especially if you do not know much about insurance. If you're a little research before you buy to make statements, it takes the mystery out of this process. 
   If you have a few different types of health insurance that are available, you will be able to provide a much better idea of ​​what you need. You can make the best decision when it comes time to buy health policies. 
   The first thing to do is find out if you need reports to short or long term. All work, have records or will soon begin work that offers health insurance, you probably want to choose a short-term insurance. This will cover you for a few months, until the cover can be found in your company. You can choose a long-term coverage, if you are self employed or if your company offers health. 
   After choosing between care in the short and long term, you must decide whether you want basic care or coverage. 
   Basic health insurance to cover outpatient surgery and hospitalization in case of accident or serious illness. Since all policies cover this, you will often be able to find them at a low monthly premiums for the full report. However, you must pay for all your doctor visits and prescriptions out of pocket. 
   If you select comprehensive coverage, you will notice that the plan includes rules, physician visits, outpatient surgery, hospitalization. Because it involves much more than the basic monthly premium will be higher. For those visiting the doctor regularly, this is probably the best choice. 
   When choosing insurance, you will see that the best plans for individual health or family health insurance cheap. If you're on your own, or if your spouse has insurance through work that only he or she will be how to get it covers an individual plan. If you have a family, then of course you want to plan a family, be sure to choose at any good health care. 
   They will often be able to choose between the HMO and PPO health care plan. HMOs offer lower out of pocket expenses, but you are the doctors you see may be limited. Consult a specialist, you need a referral from your family doctor. If you choose a PPO content of health insurance, you can choose the carrier of your choice, if he or she is part of the network. In addition, we often find the best discount prices. Type of plan you choose depends on many different factors are based. Both the HMO and PPO have their advantages and disadvantages. Choose the best one for you and your family.
   If you start looking for the best health insurance cheap, you can start searching on the Internet. You can find a number of companies offering health insurance cheap and can be found for almost any budget. Before contacting any health insurance, make sure you read your contract carefully so you know exactly what it covers and what you can see a doctor.

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